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Sustainable Roots Ecological Restoration Inc. was born from a desire to see positive change in the way that we view urban ecological restoration. We are a service dedicated to ecological restoration through invasive species control/management, reforestation, and educational outreach. 

We offer experienced and ecologically responsible invasive species control tailored specifically to each project, with replanting services to promote biodiversity. Additionally, we offer educational opportunities for the local community to engage with the plants that we work with through workshops. 

Andrew Ince graduated from Trent University with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. Throughout his nearly decade long career in ecological restoration he has lead invasive species removal projects, and native tree planting projects. He organizes and facilitates volunteer, and team-building planting events. 

Reid Williamson graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Sociology, with a Global Experience Certificate. With over eight years of experience as an outdoor educator she provides volunteers and corporate teams with engaging workshops and planting events. 

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