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Past and current planting and restoration projects

List of Projects

Proctor Park, Markham - 2020

Planted 150 trees and shrubs

Doreen Quirk Park, Markham - 2020

Planted 500 trees and shrubs

1780 Lawrence Ave, Toronto - 2020

Garbage clean up

Invasive species removal (Alliaria petiolata)

Invasive species treatment (Rhamnus cathartica & Acer negundo)

Planted 500 trees and shrubs

Alex Marchetti Park, Toronto - 2021-present

Woody invasive species treatment 

Planted over 1000 trees and shrubs

Management is ongoing

CVC Headwaters Health Centre, Orangeville - 2021

Planted 80 trees and shrubs

Credit Valley Conservation's "Greening Corporate Grounds" program

Rambo Creek, Burlington - 2022

Planted 200 wire basket calliper trees and 1200 shrubs

Duncan Creek Park, Toronto - 2022

Planted 1050 trees and shrubs

City of Toronto Planting Projects, Toronto - 2023

Planted 1760 trees and shrubs across various city parks, including:

Esther Lorie, Neilson Park, Richview Park, Wincott Park, Marie Curtis Park, Ravenscrest, Glen Agar, Smyth Park, North Park, Pine Point Park, The Elms, The Meadoway, Knob Hill, McCowan Park, Cedarbrook, Megan Park, and more

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