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Learning In The Garden

Toronto, ON

This was one of our smaller projects of 2021. This client needed a bit of a refresh of her existing side garden, but did not want a complete overhaul as there would be construction on this side of the house in the next few years. We simply did some weeding and added a few of our favourite species of native perennials to spruce things up! This client also signed her six-year-old up for our Learning In The Garden program, which is perfect for a small project! We learned about some of the local pollinators, and even got to see some when a beautiful green Sweat Bee came for a snack at one of our Meadow Sundrops! She also got to keep a very special Butterfly Milkweed plant to care for and later plant in the garden using the skills that she learned from us. So sweet! In this garden we planted: Wild Bergamot, Yarrow, Black-eyed Susan, Swamp Milkweed, Dense Blazing Star, and Meadow Sundrops.










A Sweat Bee (Bicoloured agapostemon) on a Meadow Sundrop

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