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De-Lawning Project

Toronto, ON

This project began in Fall 2021. This client had a beautiful property that backed onto a ravine in Toronto. They wanted to bring some more diversity to their yard and have less lawn to deal with. We took up a good chunk of the lawn and replaced it with a wide variety of native perennials that will have blooms throughout the growing season. We also salvaged some logs from in the ravine to create a bordered maintenance path throughout the garden, and brought in some stones as both decoration and habitat. We planted: Ostrich Fern, Christmas Fern, Marginal Wood Fern, Bunchberry, White Trillium, Canada Bloodroot, Wild Ginger, Foam Flower, Woodland Aster, Prairie Smoke, Wild Bergamot, Pearly Everlasting, Wild Columbine, Purple Flowering Raspberry.

IMG_3418 2.HEIC




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