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Pollinator Garden Installation

Toronto, ON

This was phase 2 - the back yard! This was a huge project, as the whole backyard was paved with brick. There was an existing garden that we expanded, and we also added an entirely new garden along the fence. We used most of the brick that we tore up to line all gardens, including the pre-existing one in the front yard. We like to be able to use the material that we already have on-site in order to avoid creating waste. 


Before: Garden was not doing well, not many plants and the shrubs needed pruning


During: We ripped up the brick to expand the garden space


During: We lined the new garden with stone from what we had excavated and added soil


During: We plotted our garden design. We like to clump species in groups of 5-10, not only because it increased the success of the plants, but it also makes it easier for the pollinator visitors


After: The expanded part fo the garden is mostly sun-loving native plants, with some shadier species near the fence

IMG_6189 (1).jpg

After: Mulched, watered, and ready to enjoy


Before: We ripped up the brick along the other fence to add a pollinator garden


During: Added soil and plotted plants (all full sun)


After: Plants included Yarrow, Dense Blazing Star, Heath Aster, Hoary Vervain & Big Bluestem

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