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Garden Restoration Project

Toronto, ON

This was phase 1 of a restoration project that we started in September 2020. This front garden was full of periwinkle and the new owners of this house didn't care for the other poorly maintained plants in it. We removed the periwinkle and other plants, expanded the size of the garden, added a brick border, added soil, and filled it with shade-loving native plants. 


Before: Garden was filled with periwinkle and other stray plants


During: We removed invasive and unwanted plants, tidied up, and added soil

IMG_6166 (1).jpg

After: We used shade-loving plants such as Wild Geranium, Zig-Zag Goldenrod, Blue Stem Goldenrod, & Cananda Anemone to fill the space. We also added a water feature for the drainpipe.

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