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Garden Restoration Project

Pickering, ON

We started this garden in August 2020. This project was to bring a garden that had been overrun with periwinkle (an invasive plant) back to life. We removed the periwinkle, created a barrier to prevent re-entry, added soil, and added hearty plants that could compete with the periwinkle. This garden included plants such as Black-Eyed Susans, Wild Bergamot, Mountain Mint, Vervain, and White Heath Aster. More progress photos to come in Spring 2021.


Before: Garden was filled with periwinkle and other stray plants


During: We removed the periwinkle and added soil


After: A variety of native plants to attract different pollinators


Before: Periwinkle


After: Black-Eyed Susans, Wild Bergamot, White Heath Aster, Vervain, Mountain Mint


After: Vervain

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