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De-Lawning Project

Markham, ON

We worked on this project in the spring and fall of 2021. In the spring we began de-lawning the backyard and picking away at some existing gardens that needed some touching up. We planted a Sugar Maple and filled in the rest of the yard with some pollinator friendly plants, such as: Meadow Sundrop, Oswego Tea, and Wild Strawberry in the sunny spots, and a variety of ferns and woodland asters in the shady spots. Upon the client's request, we left some empty space so that they could plant some of their own vegetable crops. We started by doing an intense weed of the yard, amending the soil, carving out a place for a flagstone path and borders for the different sections, and then once the plants were in we filled everything up with mulch to prevent the need to mow or weed. 




After (Spring)


After (Fall)

In this space we also installed a shade garden made up of different ferns and the native Clematis (Virgins Bower) to climb the trellis. Once again, we left space, upon request, for the client to plant some of their own plants alongside our native varieties.




After (Spring)

After (Fall)

We also built a raised bed for their vegetable garden. This is a great way to "de-lawn" a space while also preventing weeds. 


Before, During, and After

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